Dillinja Exclusive Interview

Original Interview on Ministry of Sound

There are few producers in the drum and bass scene who are as respected and revered as Dillinja. With his trademark combination of dirty stomach-churning basslines and tighter than tight beats, his reputation has been secured as one of the most influential producers in drum & bass history.

Hi Karl, are you looking forward to getting out to Innovation in the Snow? The fans have been asking for it for years apparently!

Dillinja: Yeah I’m looking forward to it man, it’s going to be wicked in the snow! First time ever for a drum & bass festival, it should be fun! I’m playing on the Thursday!

Are you going to be skiing?

Yeah I’m going to try, I’ve never done it before! It will be a laugh! I want to stay at least 2 days so I can hang around with everyone and go skiing!

Yeah I can’t wait! So what are you up to these days?

In the studio producing. I’m working on a new album at the moment. I’m really trying to get that done for the summer! I’ve got half of it finished.

Ahh can’t wait for that to drop! What kind of vibe are you going for?

Everything man, dancefloor tunes, vocals, a mixture of all styles!

Will that be coming out on your own label?

Probably yeah, not sure yet!

How has your sound developed since the 90s? Your old tracks had such dirtiness I imagine it’s quite hard to recreate that now.

Yeah it’s just modernised really!

“006 is possibly the most revered release in Headz early catalogue and this track may well be the jewel in its crown, there really isn’t much more that needs to be said on The Angels Fell” – Metalheadz

So are you mainly analogue or digital?

It’s all digital now.

Quite a change then! How have you found that transition?

I’ve found it very hard man! I work alone so I haven’t been asking many people, I’ve been focusing on my own. It’s been tiring but I got there in the end!

I bet you can’t wait for us to hear your new tracks! How’s everything going with taking Valve on tour?

Basically once the album is done the plan is to hopefully bring Valve Soundsystem with me on tour with the album.

That’ll be one to look out for! How’s your DJ partnership with Randall? I saw you guys smashing it up at Parklife last summer!

Yeah we’ve done a few shows, it’s been really good man. I’ve been doing it a few times. It’s a little special b2b, it’s wicked fun!

So what do you reckon we can expect from your DJ set at Innovation in the Snow?

Everything, lots of dubs and new stuff! Mostly album material! I’m working so hard at the moment in the studio.

Is that your day to day?

Yeah man, every night I’m just locking myself in the studio and getting things done!

Have you partnered with any vocalists?

Not really nah. I do a lot of vocals myself. I’ll get a few people in but I like doing it on my own.

Is it only drum & bass tracks you’re producing with this album?

Yeah. I will be experimenting at some stage but I want to get the fundamentals down first!

Apart from Innovation in the Snow are there any other gigs you’re looking forward to?

I’ve got a big thing in Brighton on the 26th but the focus is this album.

I know you’re in the studio all the time these days but what do you get up to besides the music?

I eat a lot of food! I’m just greedy, eat, eat, eat, eat!

Haha, you quite the chef?

I have a go yeah!

Thanks Karl!

Original Interview on Ministry of Sound

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